What Size Ball Do We Need?

Updated Sunday August 17, 2014 by OBBA.

Here is the excerpt from the FAQ's. Check them out if you have not already seen them.

What size ball do I need?

Each team will be given one basketball for practices and games.   The ball is specific to their age group.  Parents may purchase a basketball for your child at any sporting goods store. Dick's Sporting Goods has become a sponsor and profived coupons... look on the sponsor page or click on the Dick's Banner. 

Please reference the chart below for the appropriate size.




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Eric Caban commented on December 18, 9:55am
"12 and 13 yo are combined this year. Will they be using the 28.5?"
Bryan Linkletter commented on December 23, 3:36pm
"The 12-13 Year Old Boys will be using the official 29.5 inch ball this year"
azim mohammed commented on December 23, 1:22am
"If the season already starts, am i still able to join?"
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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