General Board Meeting 09.04.13


Updated Friday September 6, 2013 by Ashley Spitzer.

General Board Meeting  - Open to the public

Date: September 4, 2013 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Old Bridge Public Library conference room




1.            Joe Pruiti started the meeting by welcoming all in attendance.  Then, he introduced the election of new board members:

                              1. President: Patrick Norero

                              2. Vice President: Mike Harding

                              3. Recording Secretary: Ashley Spitzer

                              4. Marketing Director: Marie Norero

                              5. Travel Dir/Player Dev: Ian Daley

                              6. Girls Director: Debbie Simmons

                              7. Registration/Rankings: Mike Dietrich

                              8. Technical Director: Bryan Linkletter

                              9. & 10. Members at Large: Joe Pruiti and Tom L.

It was explained that at this time Joe and Patrick will assume responsibility of the Finance Manager until one is elected.


1st Motion to vote for the above was announced, then a second and all in favor to follow.  WELCOME ALL NEW OBBA BOARD MEMBERS!



2.            Joe Pruiti turned the meeting over to Patrick Norero who thanked Joe Pruiti for his leadership and dedication for so many years.   THANK YOU JOE!


3.            On to New Business

  • Patrick introduced the OBBA Accountant, Essam, who was asked to provide information    regarding our current recreational account financial standings.  Essam announced that the association is a nonprofit organization and tax exempt.  He explained that the OBBA recreational program is operated in a fiscal year opposed to a calendar year.  The fiscal year runs from September 1st to August 31st.   Beginning balance of 2012/2013 was $9,842. After fees, expenses and income the total loss was $1809 which brings our current balance to $8,033.  The 2013/2014 beginning balance is $8,033.  Essam explained that the OBBA recreational program is operated in a fiscal year opposed to a calendar year.  The fiscal year runs from September 1st to August 31st.   Joe Pruiti added that there was a mishap in the process of filing our taxes and that there was an increase in insurance cost.  Essam explained that the tax information be available to the public and Bryan said he would add this to our new website.


  • Patrick moved on to discussing the possibility of a new fee structure.  The proposal was to increase the current rates, to accommodate the expenses of our brand new website, new uniforms, additional clinics and the possibility of hired staff to assist in problem areas to help the association. With this, the idea of recruiting community service students to assist with stat keeping was raised by Mike D.  Ashley S. has actually already volunteered and is taking the responsibility of reaching out to the Old Bridge High School and some churches to find out if there were students in need of community service and how to recruit them to help our league in some areas such as keeping stats.  Back to the rates; they will be raised accordingly, a single player rate will go from $80 to $90, adding a second child will go from $140 -$165, a third child will go from $170-$185


               1st Motion to vote for the above was announced, then a second and all in favor to follow.  Increase in rates will be implemented for the 2013/2014 season.


  • Patrick introduced Ed, the head referee in charge of assignments and asked him to brief those in attendance on the referee program.  Ed started off by saying that if there are any issues with the referees, the issues should be brought to him directly so that he is aware of it and can take action.  Ed also provided his service by volunteering to be added to the league website so that he could be available to board members, coaches and parents. He is asking for complaints directly.  Referees should not be late and there are two referees assigned to each game.  Ed explained that if he is not contacted and told about problems and issues, then he simply doesn’t know about them and some hired referees could get away with not doing their job properly.   Others in attendance brought up concerns about the referees who don’t know the rules of our league.  Ed said that all of the referees should know before the game which division they will be officiating and          they should all know the rules, the league rules are listed on the website.  Ed brought up the concern of parents and coaches getting upset with the referees about game time. He said that the refs are bound by a specific time frame and when there is a late team, the game may start late and then the game would have to be cut short to be sure the next game will start on time or to be sure they are leaving  the venue at the scheduled time.  Patrick mentioned that this season behavior conduct will be enforced.   Ed stated that he would be willing to meet with the board or with division reps and coaches, if asked.


  • Patrick suggested moving towards a mandatory coach’s certification.  Joe Pruiti brought up concerns about this idea potentially deterring parents from volunteering to coach.  Others in attendance agreed, so this will be very highly recommended but not mandatory.  However, Ian D. explained that there is going to be great effort to put together coach’s clinics to help aid and assist them in getting their teams off to a good start. 


  • Bryan Linkletter was introduced as our new web master and to speak about our EXCITING BRAND NEW and INFORMATIVE website,  THANK YOU BRYAN! The website was purchased and is powered through “League Toolbox”.  Bryan spoke about the great perks of the new website.  Each family could register to receive SMS notifications for last minute changes, such as game cancellations.  There is also an option to download an app to android or iPhones and have our league at their fingertips at all times.  Bryan and Patrick encouraged everyone to take the time out to visit and explore the website and to please offer any feedback.


  • Patrick proposed a change to the registration process.  With the new website, registering online is easier than ever.  The paper registration could be reduced by a large percent or even eliminated, since it is time laboring and costly.  If there was a family who was restricted from online registration for any reason, there will be registration locations setup for in-person registration so that Bryan and Mike would be available to assist with their laptop computers in registering players.  No vote was necessary since the registration process has been encouraged online for several years.  There will still be ways for people who don’t have access to register online to register.  Continued efforts will take place to make this process effective.


4.            Patrick moved on to thoughts for the next board meeting


  • There have been some school policy changes, such as closed doors policy so that the outside doors are locked at all times and issues with people wandering through the school halls.  There was discussion amongst those in attendance on how to handle this.  The possibility of coaches taking on the responsibility of assigning their players parents to game nights to man the doors and monitor the halls. This brings concern of the coaches having too much responsibility as volunteers.  Marie N. mentioned assigning a team Mom who could handle the assignments.  Debbie S. mentioned creating a work bond so that parents would be held responsible for being involved and assisting where needed.  Patrick mentioned with the increase in new season rates, the idea of creating work bonds would be too much and the idea was denied.  We could revisit this idea next season.  Joe Pruiti mentioned asking the possible community service students to man the doors and to monitor the halls.  Ashley S. will move forward with this.


  • Patrick asked Ian D. to speak about additional clinics.  Ian expressed the best interest of the children in the league.  That they enjoy the game and learn at the best of their ability.  The three clinics that were offered last season were at the end of the season, even after the season.   The clinics were free and they worked out great.  However, he is interested in offering these clinics (possibly more than just three) early on in the season.  The dates need to be figured out and how far apart and implement a coach’s clinic.  Ian also offered the idea to upload videos to YouTube that will be available to coaches so that they could watch the videos and get ideas for drills and coaching advice.  Debbie S. asked if there was a way to offer girls only clinic, since the girls are often intimidated by entering a gym full of mostly boys.  An all girls clinic would help them feel more comfortable and be more effective.   This will be implemented and Ian explained that this will help rejuvenate the girls program of the league.


  • Patrick moved on to mentioning that Marie would be available for assistance to Debbie in helping to boost the girls program.  Think about some marketing ideas and etc.


  • Bryan asked for permission to send a mass email announcing our new website.  The website is about 90% complete.  Ian D. asked for privacy of by way of BCCing everyone going forward on the mass emails.  Bryan will work on this. 


  • An issue was brought up regarding our arrangements with the venues.  Could the permit to use the venues be available to coaches so that they can show custodial personnel that they are permitted into the schools for practice?  Patrick explained that this is an administrative issue and it will be available to administrators and board members.


  • Joe Pruiti asks the new board members for dedication.  In the past, board meetings were eliminated because there was minimal attendance.  He is not suggesting that attendance at board meetings be mandatory but for Patrick to put an attendance policy in place so that if there is a member who is not dedicated they can move on and be removed from the board.


  • Patrick announced that the kick-off board meeting will be scheduled for tomorrow, September 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.  The location will be later announced by email.


1st Motion to adjourn was raised then a second and finally, all in favor. Meeting adjourned!3



               Minutes recorded and published by Ashley Spitzer, Recording Secretary.



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