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Updated Thursday September 1, 2016 by OBBA.

  1. When does the season start? And how long does it last?


Practices generally begin in early December but is contingent on all players being assigned to a team and coaches selected. The games generally begin in January and run through March and may go into early April for playoffs.


  1. Is it too late for my child to register? Is it only via the internet?


This year we are moving towards online registration on the brand new OBBA website. 

You may use our easy online payment system to pay via credit/debit card.  Your child must register online to complete enrollment. 


  1. My child never played basketball before, can he or she still join the league?


Yes.  OBBA’s Rec program is designed to be instructional with emphasis in our lower divisions.  Clinics will be made available for all members.


  1.   What size ball do I need?


Each team will be given one basketball for practices and games.   The ball is specific to their age group.  Parents may purchase a basketball for your child at any sporting goods store.  Please reference the chart below for the appropriate size.





  1. How will I know what team my child is on?


Your child’s coach will be instructed to contact his or her team as soon as the draft is completed and assigned to their coaches.  Please give your coach a few days to get in touch with every player on his or her team.


  1. How are the teams decided?  Can I request my child be put on the same team as a friend?


Every player is evaluated and blindly assigned to a team.  Special exceptions can be made such as:  Coach’s and Assistant Coach’s children and pairing of siblings in the same divisions.  Other requests may be accommodated on a case by case basis however are NOT guaranteed.


  1. What sort of equipment does my child need to play?


Every player needs to wear the proper athletic sneakers, shorts (black is preferred and not provided).  Each team will be given one basketball for practices.  All players must wear his or her provided team jersey for all games.  Please also refer to the OBBA League Rules for additional information.   


  1. Where are games practices and games held?


Kids play amongst other Old Bridge residents.  Games and practices are held in our township schools.  A list of schools is provided on our website under Court Locations.


  1. When are the games played? 


Games are played during the week and weekends depending on school availability.  Usually its one game per week and one practice that is contingent upon the coaches availabiltiy.  At times games can be twice a week however we do our best based upon weather and school events which can impact the schedule. 

This season we will look to have more weekend games, (Saturday & Sunday) for the younger divisions as historically requested.  Games on the weekends start as early as 9am and can run through 5pm.  Weekdays games are between 6 and 9pm. 


  1. How will I know if games are canceled?


Notifications on canceled games will be facilitated by your coach and easily referenced on our APP.  Please do an app search for League Toolbox and select the Game Day app.  Sign in and search for your teams.  We also offer SMS text messages for those individuals that wish to receive texts.  On the web, simply go to My Profile and select the tab My Info.  You can opt to receive text messages there. 


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