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Old Bridge Knights Travel FAQ’s




      1.   When does the season start? And how long does it last?


There are 2 sessions for Travel Basketball. The FALL Session runs from October - December, with tryouts and practices beginning in September.  The WINTER Session runs from December - March and may go into early April for playoffs, with practices beginning in October.  Both sessions are contingent on all players being assigned to a team and coaches selected.


      2.   If my child tries out for the FALL Session of Travel Basketball and makes a team, does he/she automatically make a team in the WINTER Session?


      No.  The FALL Session and WINTER Session run independent of each other; they do not run simultaneously. Athletes must register and tryout for the session they are interested in participating in.  If your child tries out for the FALL Session of Travel ball, and makes a team, but also wants to participate in the WINTER Session, then we encourage your athlete to register and try out for both.


      3.   If my child tries out for the FALL Session of Travel Basketball, but does not make a team, does that automatically disqualify him/her from making a team in the WINTER Session?


      No.  Old Bridge Basketball will be conducting our annual Pre-season Travel Boot Camp sessions during the same week as Fall Session Travel Basketball Tryouts.  We recommend that your athlete register and attend the Boot Camp.  Our Boot Camp is a comprehensive training program, taught by professional trainers, that will give your athlete an opportunity to improve his/her footwork, shooting and ball handling skills.  They will also learn proper defensive techniques, drills, and many other incredibly helpful tools.  Simply participating in the Boot Camp may help your athlete increase the probability of making a team in the WINTER Session, despite not making a team in the FALL Session.  


      4.   Should my child attend both tryouts for FALL and WINTER Sessions?


      Yes.  We encourage your athlete to attend both tryouts.  The FALL Session does not run simultaneously with the WINTER Session. Your athlete has the opportunity to play Travel Basketball in the FALL as well as the WINTER months; the more basketball he/she plays, the better he/she will become.


      5.   My child plays a different sport in the fall and cannot participate in FALL Travel Basketball.  Will this hurt his/her chances on potentially making a team in the WINTER Session?


      No.  Old Bridge Basketball understands that many athletes who participate in winter sports, may also participate in fall sports.  As our FALL and WINTER Sessions do not overlap each other, your athlete will not have an issue potentially making a WINTER Session team.


      6.   Is it too late for my child to register?  Is it only via the internet?


All players intending to tryout for travel, must register online, (free signup).  Once a player is selected for a team, payments are accepted by cash or check payable to Old Bridge Basketball.   


7.   My child never played basketball before, can he or she still join the league?


Yes.  Old Bridge Basketball offers two programs to choose from, the Rec program is designed for all skill play, the Travel program has a more developmental focus. 


8.   What size ball do I need?


Each team will be given one basketball for practices and games.   The ball is specific to their age group.  Parents may purchase a basketball for your child at any sporting goods store.  Please reference the chart below for the appropriate size.








      9.   How will I know what team my child is on?


Once the selection process has been finalized, your child will receive an autogenerated congratulatory email.  Soon after your coach will follow up with formal introductions and next steps.  


10.  How are the teams decided?  Can I request my child be put on the same team as a friend?


Every player is evaluated by the coach and travel director.  Once a selection is made, they are assigned to a team.  Special exceptions can be made such as:  Coach’s and Assistant Coach’s children and pairing of siblings in the same divisions.  Other requests may be accommodated on a case by case basis, however not guaranteed.


11.  What sort of equipment does my child need to play?


Every player needs to wear the proper athletic sneakers.  Each team will be given basketballs for practices.  All players MUST wear his or her provided team uniform for ALL games and practices.   


12.  Where are practices and games held?


Home games and practices are held in our township schools.  A list of schools is provided on our website under Court Locations.  Away games are held in various locations, depending on the league the team participates in.  This is a TRAVEL program, so traveling is involved for many away games.  However, Old Bridge Basketball will attempt to keep the distance for away games at about 30 minutes or closer to home. 


13.  Are games played on the weekends?  


Games are played during the week and weekends depending on school/gym availability, even around the holidays.  There may be scenarios where multiple games will be played in a weekend.


14.  How will I know if games are canceled? 


Notifications on canceled games will be facilitated by your coach and easily referenced on our APP.  Please do an app search for League Toolbox and select the Game Day app.  Sign in and search for your teams.  We also offer SMS text messages for those individuals that wish to receive texts.  On the web, simply go to My Profile and select the tab My Info.  You can opt to receive text messages there.  



For additional questions, please send your correspondences to:

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